Opti Logic Laser Range Finder
All Opti-Logic Laser Rangefinders offer line-of-sight distance measurements with  +/- 1 yard accuracy, four yard minimum ranging distance, automatic rain mode, red-dot targeting One Touchâ„¢ Instant On - Automatic Shutoff Operation and are powered by a single 9-volt alkaline battery. 

Here are brief descriptions of each laser rangefinder series:

XL Series Laser Rangefinder: measures line-of-sight distance up to 1000 yards.
XT Series Angle - Compensated Laser Rangefinder: has up to 3 modes of operation:

  • mode 1: measures line-of-sight distance
  • mode 2: measures horizontal distance
  • mode 3: If supplied, offers ballistic compensated information for arrow speeds of approximately 220 to 330 fps.
LH Series Laser Rangefinder/Hypsometer: has five modes of operation:
  • mode 0: measures line-of-sight distance
  • mode 1: measures horizontal distance
  • mode 2: measures height of a target (2 point)
  • mode 3: measures height of a target  (3 point)
  • mode 4: measures angle in degrees and percent grade 



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